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What is Impotence?

Impotence is the problem of not being ready for sexual intercourse. Natural impotence is seen in very old ages and there is no erection or hardening due to age. In recent days, this problem has not only started to be related to age but more frequently. This is caused by intense stress in work and urban life. Impotence is a disease that can be treated. However, most men do not hesitate to do so and refuse to see a doctor, impotence treatment process.

Impotence treatment begins as a process of acceptance. In the later stages, the problem is caused and the cause of impotence is treated. Impotence treatment works with this ranking. Generally, the problem of impotence arises when the blood cannot get enough blood into the genitals. Some chronic diseases also clog or narrow our vessels. And the blood can not go to our sexual organs can not go to the problem of impotence. In this stage, the most important factor for the treatment of impotence will be to treat these diseases. Thus, the problem of impotence can be solved in a simple way.

Who are the most impotent problems?

When the impotence problem arises, there is no decrease in sexual desire. In this respect, impotence treatment can be made easier. There are many different ways to treat impotence.
  • Diabetes patients

  • In patients with cardiovascular problems, blood flow cannot be achieved due to insufficient blood flow.

  • Patients suffering from blood pressure disease,

  • People with chronic diseases (kidneys, etc.) are more likely to be seen than normal patients.

What are the main causes of impotence?

  • Consume excess alcohol, or consume chemicals such as drugs,
  • Side effects of some drugs
  • Chronic diseases reaching serious dimensions
  • High levels of bad cholesterol in the body
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Psychological problems
  • Intensive cigarette consumption
  • Injured vascular damage to the penis and not enough blood

Doctor Help Solution Options

Correcting the hardening problem requires more robust methods than trying to deal with it normally. You can work on a treatment plan with your doctor taking into account the severity of your condition. It is important that you understand all the options that are right for you and share your thoughts and concerns with your doctor.

Treatment Options

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